How To Attract The Best Talent In A Competitive Market

Have you ever found the perfect candidate, then discovered they’ve been snapped up? 

This is often the case with high-level roles. There’s a small pool to choose from, and the number of companies seeking their talents is only growing. 

To ensure the best candidates pick your company, you need to be the most enticing firm with the most alluring role. Here are a few tips to help you carve out this kind of reputation. 

Get your brand known 

The ‘know, like, and trust’ factor is crucial in talent sourcing. Candidates need to hear good things about you. You could get positive reviews from existing employees via websites like Glassdoor, as well as client feedback on your social media. 

It’s a good idea to research the platforms your contenders use most – and it’s not just building your brand that social channels are good for. Promoting roles via LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook may attract just the type of applicant you’re seeking, particularly if you take advantage of narrow targeting. 

Make the most of social media by publicising what makes your company great – for example, if your team regularly participates in charity activities, post about it. This is great for PR, and you can get your brand known by pushing press releases that present you in a positive light. 

Consider your offline presence, too. There might be trade publications out there that candidates read, or networking events they attend. Engaging in these activities can result in positive word of mouth at the very least. 

Give them a true insight 

Once candidates discover you, they’ll want to see if you live up to the good name – so make every stage of the recruitment process flawless. 

The application phase should be seamless, especially if it’s a tech role. Consider where you can include forward-thinking technologies, as this will also allow you to streamline talent sourcing (saving time and money). 

Whilst automation is great, don’t completely remove the human element. Standard computerised messages won’t go down well, so make it personalised. This ensures candidates have a positive experience of the business, as will a swift interview process. 

In the job specification or interview, you could also offer an experience that will allow them to understand what it would be like working at your company. 

Mention the extras

Companies are increasingly offering supplementary benefits. This can be anything from free parking to extended leave. 

Stand out by offering more than the usual and ensure this is clearly communicated. It might be that the candidate has specific prerequisites – and don’t automatically dismiss these. Instead, see how you can accommodate them and be honest about what you can provide. 

High-end talent have a lot of bargaining power, but if they request an unfeasible salary or unrealistic working hours, don’t pretend it’s viable. They won’t appreciate if things change further down the line, and you might find they’re willing to negotiate their requests. 

Honesty and respect make a big difference, and these values are the cornerstone of FinTop’s recruitment services. We ensure you’re paired with perfect candidates by using our deep sector knowledge and experience as well as a modern mindset. 

Our excellent record speaks for itself. Let us find you the right match swiftly – get in touch with our team today.